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White-backed Woodpecker (Dendrocopos leucotos)

FI: Valkoselkätikka, SV: Vitryggig hackspett

photo of this species

The previous Red List status in 2000 was CR. Apparently population in Russia is doing well since range expansion in the 2000s has proceeded from south-eastern Finland towards west. In addition, during the 2000s the species has been efficiently searched also in other kind of forests than in "traditional" birch habitats.

Population trend: Increasing

Distribution trend: Expanding

Breeding pairs: 120–180

Finnish red list category: EN

Degree of breeding evidenceGrids% of grids
Confirmed1433,7 %
Probable912,4 %
Possible1383,6 %
Total3729,6 %

Comparison to the combined results of 1st and 2nd atlas

kartta lajin levinneisyydestä Suomessa 1 & 2 atlaksen yhdistetyssä aineistossamuutoskartta
Map of distribution in Finland