Application Interface (API)

The data of the 1st and 2nd bird atlas (from 1970's and 80's) is available as a machine-readable RESTful API. You can build for example new statistics or visualization services on the API. The data contains degrees of breeding evidence for all the species, except for few endangered or protected species.

The data is also available as CSV-files, which contain also survey activity indices. CSV files can be read for example with Excel.


Data can be fetched by giving search parameters as URL-parameters, for example like this:



Speciefies the atlas. Mandatory. Allowed values:

  • 1 = 1st atlas (1970's)
  • 2 = 2nd atlas (1980's)
  • 12 = 1st and 2nd atlas combined; largest degree of breeding evidence


Six-letter abbreviation of the species as ALL-CAPS. Mandatory, if grid-parameter is not given.

For example: PASMON


Grid code (Finnish uniform grid coordinates / Grid 25 E). Mandatory, if species-parameter is not given.

For example: 668:338


File format to be returned. Mandatory. Allowed values:

  • xml
  • json